Boarding & Amenities

Our Environment

Our accommodations at the Tree Lodge Pet Resort create a cozy cabin feel while our team’s top notch care surrounds your pet with a positive atmosphere during their stay.  We have created custom chalets and cabins for our canine guests. They are accented with a tan and blue block motif and topped with a decorative wooden roof giving an open air feeling to our boarding facility.  During your pet’s stay, they will enjoy listening to a hand selected playlist of environment enriching music! In addition, all dogs have an option to receive a raised Kuranda bed for firm and even support while lounging during their stay.

Meanwhile, our feline companions enjoy a secluded spacious suite area to allow them a purr-fect vacation.  For our adventure seeking feline guests, we have an enormous playscape area for them to jump, climb, explore, scratch and play

Chesterfield Cat Boarding and Daycare
Spacious Boarding Kennels in Chesterfield
Chesterfield Boarding Kennels


We have plenty of activities scheduled to keep your pet feeling energetic and fit!

We walk our canine companions four times daily to a secure outside potty area. Individual playtimes, daycare, and other amenities are available for your pet during their stay with us.

Remember, Safety First!

Our adjacent Animal Hospital of Chesterfield helps ensure the safety of your pet.

Special Diets

We encourage owners to bring their pets’ own diet, however, we do have a supply of sensitive stomach food to feed cats and dogs staying with us.

Some Requirements For Our Pet Members

Required Vaccines for dogs:

Rabies, Distemper/Parvo (DHPP or DAP), and Bordetella. Dogs require a negative intestinal parasite screening and negative giardia SNAP test in the last year.

Required Vaccines for cats:

Distemper (FVRCP) and Rabies. Indoor cats require one Leukemia test and outdoor cats require a yearly Leukemia test.


Flea and tick protection is highly recommended. Flea combing will occur at check-in, and if found will require treatment then to board.